Nick Leon
After the neighbors left behind their upright piano to the Leon family because they had no room for it in their new home, Nick Leon started playing with it at age six. No one could have predicted what was about to unravel. His talent and love for music was immediate. Nick was quick to hear a melody and figure it out on his own on the keyboard. Energetic and curious, Nick took a few formal lessons but they were not useful. He promptly realized his natural inclination to playing by ear. As time progressed and his skills developed, Nick also picked up other instruments just as naturally as he picked up the eighty-eight. Bass, guitar, drums, percussion, and more, all came naturally. As his Dad played music on the car radio, Nick would memorize melodies and then play them as soon as they went home.

Profoundly influenced, by the music of Sting, The Police, The Beatles, and Simon & Garfunkel, Nick started writing his own songs. In 2014 at age 15, Nick got serious about writing compiling nearly 30 songs in a few short months. Putting in as much as he can, Nick writes about love and optimism. Although he typically likes to write at will, mostly at night, sometimes inspiration comes spontaneously anytime, anywhere. A very spiritual soul, daily meditation helps him find himself. Nick’s long term goal is to play for as many people as possible, and for people to hear his music.