Music in it's truest form is expression, ultimately an extension of the soul. Raised in the melting pot that is Miami, Florida, Brother Dan has shared his love of music in his home city for close to a decade. Over that time his sound has been heavily influenced by the funk and soul of the South. Spending copious amounts of time record digging and playing shows from Live Oak, Florida to New Orleans, Louisiana has helped cultivate the inherent funk rooted groove in his own production. That expression, that sound, yearns for love, truth, righteousness, and all that is good in this world.

A look into Brother Dan's record crates reveals a slew of sounds from around the globe. Rare and common, new and old. Each selection stands the test of time. Genres are certainly limiting to accurately grasp the full scope of sound but there is an inherent root in soulful music that pervades Brother Dan’s sets. Interpretations of funk from Africa, Brazil, and Japan connect an infinitely eclectic mix of earthly sounds accented by electro, house, and techno; providing the audience with a truly human experience. All of these influences continue to seep into Brother Dan's own expression as a musician. 2015 saw his debut release on B.Soul Music, which has received support from the likes of Soul Clap. The duo took on his second release through their own Soul Clap Records with the ’305 Life’ WMC Compilation earlier this year. The collaboration between Brother Dan and Kyle Parker, ‘Sea Level’s Rising’ illustrates the intention set out in his musical work. This beautiful stepping stone in sharing his own sound moves on with a forthcoming release on Sports Records featuring remixes from Urulu and Giovanni Damico due later this summer

Brother Dan’s expression is not limited to deejaying or his own productions. As owner and curator of Terrestrial Funk, he operates a record label and shop. serves as a meticulously crafted online store with a focus on obscure records, uplifting literature, and arthouse films. As a label, Terrestrial Funk is not limited in scope or sound. Ultimately seeking to connect a global audience through timeless music. It’s inaugural release is a reissue of the ultra rare Miami Funk LP, Lang Cook’s ‘She’s Hot With 2,000 Watt’s’. Other releases in the pipeline include a full length album from local producer Goiz and a reissue of Dan Piu’s ’Quenchy’ from 1997. As music pervades every aspect of your life it’s language becomes clear. Striding into the future Brother Dan will continue to share the love in it's limitless capacity.