The Chicago native lives in Miami these days and draws influences from both the sunny city known for its car-shaking sounds, and his lifelong role as a computer geek. Working as an IT whiz by day, Javier channels his Deroboter alias into music by night, while also serving as A&R for OMNIDISC - fellow Miami beat master and longtime friend Danny Daze’s label. Javier and Daze have a history that can be traced back to their shared breakdancing rave days as kids, but it takes a refined ear to select music for a label as creative and far-outside-the-box as OMNIDISC. Deroboter may make robot hacker music, but an organic, distinctly human element shines through in his adept handling of melody and arrangement in both his own productions and across the OMNIDISC releases. With influences that span the spectrum, from ghetto house to experimental IDM, Deroboter’s techno productions are truly, in his own words, full of “rhythm and energy, raw, no fluff.”