OCTOBER 10-12 2014

“III Points is a three-day celebration of music, art and technology making its home in the inspiring, up-and-coming cultural mecca of the Wynwood arts district in Miami, Florida.

Dedicated to bringing fans, artists and companies together, III Points represents a space where the convergence of great minds and innovators from each of these creative worlds can manifest their vision in new and playful ways. The festival is spread across more than 35 venues, fully integrating within the Wynwood community, each featuring unique and interactive events that incorporate music with technology, art with technology, music with art, or a mix of all three.

III Points launched its inaugural experience in 2013, successfully igniting the Wynwood neighborhood with an influx of activations, lectures, exhibitions and concerts garnering local and national attention. With Wynwood always at its center, it brought more than 4,500 attendees to the area, opening eyes, minds and hearts to an ever-evolving cultural frontier.

Building off the success of the first year, III Points will expand on the 2013 program with additional stages, more activations, and many more surprises in 2014!”

-words by Kat Bein



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    Los Angeles resident Steven Ellison, better known as Flying Lotus, is a producer of electronic music and hip-hop beats, known for his abstract and sometimes jazz-tinted style. Flying Lotus, often abbreviated to FlyLo, is the founder and leader of the Brainfeeder collective.  Flying Lotus released his first album, 1983 on Plug Research Records in 2006. His June 2008 release, Los Angeles, released on Warp with cover art designed by Build & Timothy Saccenti, was released to positive critical reviews. His third album, Cosmogramma, was released on Warp in 2010 to further critical acclaim. His fourth album, Until the Quiet Comes, has been released through Warp in October 2012.



    Widely regarded as a leader of the new sound of house, Jamie Jones is renowned for his innovative music; his cross genre band, Hot Natured; and his pioneering label, Hot Creations. In a short time, he has catapulted himself to stardom by shattering the invisible confines of genres, and breaking out of the minimal techno motif.



    Duke Dumont, surfaced in 2006 with a buzzing, whip-cracking remix of Mekon’s “Yes Yes Y’All.” The London, England-based producer and DJ, inspired by “fidget house” figure Switch (M.I.A., Major Lazer), continued to increase his exposure through remixes for the likes of Late of the Pier (“Bathroom Gurgle”), Bat for Lashes (“Daniel”), and Lily Allen (“The Fear”) prior to releasing his first DJ mix album, Fabriclive 51, in 2010. In 2012 alone, he handled tracks by Bonobo, Santigold, and AlunaGeorge, among others — but he also produced a hit of his own in March 2013 with “Need U (100%).” Co-produced by Futtize and featuring vocals from A*M*E, the track, reminiscent of early-’90s crossover house, topped the U.K. pop chart. One year on, in March 2014, Dumont hit the U.K. number one spot once again, this time with the Whitney Houston-sampling track “I Got U.”



    As one of 2008’s most talked-about albums, Youth Novels – a postmodern pop masterpiece combining elements of folk music, hip hop, singer/songwriter confessionals and more – established Lykke Li Zachrisson as a true innovator of melody and style. Lykke Li’s gearing up for a big 2014. In 2013, Lykke Li contributed to David Lynch’s second album, The Big Dream, performing vocals on the lead single “I’m Waiting Here.” That year she returned to the studio with long-term collaborator Björn Yttling, alongside Greg Kurstin (the Shins, Foster the People, Lily Allen) to record her third album, I Never Learn, which was released in May 2014. This third album compeltes what she considers a trilogy that began with 2008′s Youth Novels. 



    Jamie xx is the bashful beatmaker of lo-fi Mercury Music Prize winners the xx, who carved out a name for himself outside the band thanks to a host of critically acclaimed post-garage/dubstep remixes.  Jamie xx’s first new solo single in three years, “Sleep Sound” was released May 5th 2014.



    Comprised of EDM’s most recognizable names, Hot Natured are producers Jamie Jones, Lee Foss, Luca C, and Ali Love. Credible dancefloor names in their own right, the collective grew out of original members Foss and Jones’ production outfit and label Hot Creations. The four-piece outfit seamlessly harnessed the individual talent of each member and created sunny, anthemic, and melodious house music. In September 2013, they released their debut full-length,Different Sides of the Sun, which featured a guest appearance from ex-Moloko frontwoman, Róisín Murphy



    If there is one person, who has been causing a stir on the international club circuit recently, it is Barcelona’s John Talabot. Already his debut “My Old School“ (which is meant literally by the way) on Permanent Vacation in 2009 and shortly after that the single “ Sunshine”, which he put out on his own Hivern Disc imprint, made him one of the most promising musicians of the Spanish electronic scene. And those two releases also already set the mark for John Talabot’s unparalleled music: raw, loopy, heavy on the kick drum, sample based, moderate on the tempo, distorted on the drums and light years away from the clean and ever revolving house sound of today. This unique style which also blends influences from afro beat, Detroit techno, Chicago house and cosmic disco, but also northern soul or the energy of Flamenco, immediately turned some heads around. James Murphy, Âme and Aeroplane started including Talabot music in their sets like it was the most natural thing. However – and this is quite rare – he not only gained legions of fans in the house and disco community, but also amongst the leftfield pop and indie rock followers. NME and Resident Advisor both had “Breakthrough“ features on John Talabot and he can be proud of a “Best New Music“ dubbing on Pitchfork. (Being rather elusive on showing his face in magazines or the web it also came to some funny rumors that John Talabot was the alter ego of a well-known techno producer from Detroit).

    At the same time he drew the attention of like-minded artists like James Holden and Luke Abott from Border Community, Blondes or Delorean, which lead to a bunch of fertile collaborations: Luke Abbot and Blondes remixed Talabot’s “Sunshine“ single , John Talabot remixed a track by Delorean and vice versa Delorean’s Ekhi contributed vocals to the track “Journeys “ on John’s album). Another example is the Young Turks Label (home of Jamie XX, Holy Fuck, El Guincho orSBTRKT ) on which he released the “Families“ EP in 2010. It was praised beyond limits. Pitchfork for instance hailed: “… where pop and house influences sweetly buffer up against one another to provide an unyielding sense of elation“ and even brought Talabot a comparison with artists like Four Tet or Caribou.

    While staying true to his sound, John Talabot has nevertheless shown a constant evolution as a producer since his first release. He has traced a solid musical path that has turned him into one of the big references of European House and has made him also a highly in demand Remixer (for the likes of The XX, Francesco Tristano’s “Aufgang” project, Shit Robot on DFA, Thaiti 80, Joakim or Teengirl Fantasy to name just a few ).

    A progression that now crystallizes in “ƒin”, his first full-length album for Permanent Vacation. A record, in which the Barcelona mastermind sets aside the danceable immediacy to expand his stylistic palette more than ever. For that purpose, Talabot melts all the elements that have constructed his distinctive sound until now and makes them emerge from a new perspective, in which the construction of complex song structures, intricate rhythms and superpositions of ever-evolving melodies and atmospheres pick up the baton of the “a kick-drum and a sampler” philosophy of his initial productions. The result brings us 11 tracks (we should call them songs really!) dominated by dark ambiances, gaseous textures and bittersweet moods that, above all, reveal a kind of vivacity that’s really hard to find in contemporary electronics. “Fin” is far from being a track collection. From the majestic opener “Depak Ine“ to it’s solemn ending with “So Will Be Now“ , one of the two tracks that features Talabot’s soul and label mate Pional, each song traces an overall dialogue with the rest, culminating a highly emotional journey through Talabot’s always compelling and unique musical vision.

  • RJD2


    10 years! My god, that is a LIFETIME! I cant believe I have been making records on a national level for 10 years. In 1999, I was just making these little beats in my bedroom for release on an independent label. Fast forward to 2009, and I’m….making these little beats in my bedroom for release on an independent label. Ok, to be fair, some things have changed; a bigger studio, I OWN the studio, I OWN the independent label, and instead of driving 10 blocks to a gig in m hometown, I fly 10 hours to a gig in another country. But when it all comes down to its most base level, the goal is still the same: to make a piece of music that is going to hopefully rearrange your brain, or at least provide some relief from real life for a moment or two. So let’s take a look at what’s happened over the course of those 10 years….

    Things all started in Columbus, OH with Fondle ‘em records and a rap group I was in called the MHz. We did a few 12” singles in the late 90’s on (the now defunct) Fondle ‘em, which lead to one of the members, Copywrite, doing a record on (the now defunct) Eastern Conference, which I produced some of. Those early singles also brought me to the attention of Definitive Jux, with whom I signed to(after having my demo turned down by virtually EVERY label in the US and UK that did anything remotely instrumental or weird in hiphop!). After a few singles and songs came out in 2001 under “rjd2”, 2002 saw the release of “Dead Ringer”, my first solo album. That year became the first in a series of whirlwinds that seem to change shape annually, but never slow down. I toured the world for the first time-Europe/Japan/the US several times, licensed music to an auto company of yesteryear called Saturn, spent time opening for DJ Shadow, and moved to Philadelphia. The following year of 2003 saw the release of “The Horror EP”, remixes for Massive Attack, Mos Def, Polyphonic Spree(among MANY others), more touring, and the release of the first Soul Position album, “8 Million Stories”. While traveling the states in support of the Soul Position album, I had my MPC plugged into the cigarette lighter of a rented minivan, feverishly slaving away. These tracks I made during drives across the US would become the 2004 album “Since We Last Spoke”. By then, “Dead Ringer” had surpassed 75,000 copies worldwide, and had gotten a fair amount of attention, including folks like David Lynch and Mark Ecko, among others.

    With the 2004 release of “Since We Last Spoke”, I hit the road for my first headlining tour ever. Armed with 4 turntables, an mpc and a video rig, I made my way across the US and Europe for the third year in a row. The production work for other artists also continued for both rappers and singers(Diverse, Tweet, Fallout Boy,Cage, etc). But unbeknownst to the rest of the world, this year was critical in the path that lead me to where I am now: I made the decision to not resign with Definitive Jux. It was really my first move outside of a comfort zone, and into uncharted territory. It was also the start of realizing a vision of being my own boss, both creatively AND business-wise. 2004 was also the beginning of my love affair with “vintage” synthesizers and restoring them; this would lead to things later…

    The next few years saw the release of many side projects: a 2nd Soul Position LP-“Things Go Better With RJ and Al”, a collaboration with Aceyalone-“Magnificent City”, the scoring of my first video game-“Mark Ecko’s Getting Up”, and the usual remixes and production work for other artists. I also contributed to the cookbook “I Like Food, Food Tastes Good”, a cookbook of musicians’ recipes. Still waiting for a Vol. 2 so I can include my homemade apple/walnut/raisin pie. Of course, I toured to support the records this year as well(I have traversed the continental US at least once a year since 2001-watch out for my comprehensive guide to espresso in America). But throughout this period of 2005-2006, I was working on some recordings that would mark the furthest reaches of anything I had done to date….

    These recordings became 2007’s “The Third Hand”, a record that was done with a specific methodology in mind: get as far as I could using strictly my own resources. This meant using theMPC sampler, as I always had for my solo records, but primarily for the drums. But save for a few small passages, all of the instrumentation was performed by myself in a studio I had spent years building up to mimic the types of keyboards/guitars/amps/synths/etc that would have appeared on the types of records I COULD have been sampling. And in keeping with the intent of weaning myself off of the samples I had relied on for so long, I took on the duties of vocalist as well. My take on “sample based music” had always been to try and make things that felt like pop records, in the sense that they had a vocal element, but had the urgency and immediacy of funk or hip-hop records. To boot, I arrived at the decision to do the record on XL recordings, as I felt they believed in the record the most. Thus, 2007 was a year that many saw as one of departures, but to me was more another stop in what is hopefully a long journey. I decided at a point that I’d rather look back on a varied catalog that was interesting and challenging, than one of multiple attempts at the same vibe, with varying degrees of success. Furthermore, I just cant get excited about doing the same thing over and over. And if I cant get excited about the music im making, how can I expect someone else to?

    Which brings us to now. After two years of touring as a headliner in support of “The Third Hand” with a full band, as well as winning my first award, ASCAP’S best TV Theme for my recording the Mad Men theme-its time for my 4th solo album, “The Colossus”. As “The Third Hand” was my firstTRULY solo album, with NO guest performances whatsoever, I decided to do the opposite of sorts this time: an album that is as collaborative as possible; an “overview” of all the different types of working approaches ive used over the years; some strictly sample-based material, some live; some guest vocalists, a few songs I sing,; both instrumental and vocal. As this was all tracked at the same time, I think it has a cohesive feel to it. Featuring Phonte Coleman(Little Brother, Foreign Exchange), Kenna(Star Trak, VA Beach), Aaron Livingston(The Roots’ “Guns Are Drawn”), Columbus mc’s The Catalyst, Illogic, and NP, and a slew of instrumentalists, I think I can safely say this is the most sonically lush and varied record I’ve ever done.

    The last piece of the puzzle is that this record marks the first album I will release on my own label, RJ’s Electrical Connections. In addition to re-acquiring the master recordings to ALL of my Definitive Jux catalog, and re-releasing them, this marks a massive step towards being completely working on my own terms, artistically and business-wise. Cheers-here’s to many more to hopefully come.



    Growing up in between New Jersey, Sicily and Parma, Manfredi Romano is DJ Tennis. The name is not accidental, since he was a semi-professional player and has a passion for the sport, while he was a DJ at the tennis club of which he was a member. Over the past 2 decades DJ Tennis has written music for theater, soundtrack films and television commercials. With influences from psychedelic dark and melancholic sounds of the early 60s until the IDM 2000s, there were many artists who influenced him: Beach Boys, The Who,Talk Talk, Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada and Plastikman to name a few. DJ Tennis created in 2010 along with Thugfucker‘s Greg Oreck the label Life and Death, home of releases from artists such as Tale Of Us, Pillowtalk and WhoMadeWho. 

  • Metronomy


    Metronomy is an electropop group which formed in 1999 in Totnes, Devon, United Kingdom, originally as the solo project of Joseph Mount. The project later expanded into a full band, which currently consists of Joseph Mount (vocals, keyboards, guitar), Oscar Cash (keyboards, saxophone, vocals), Gbenga Adelekan (bass, vocals) and Anna Prior (drums, vocals). The band has released four albums: “Pip Paine (Pay The £5000 You Owe)” (2006), “Nights Out” (2008), “The English Riviera” (2011), and “Love Letters” (2014).

  • Cashmere Cat

    Cashmere Cat

    Magnus August Høiberg, known as Cashmere Cat, is a downtempo/abstract electronic music producer and turntablist from Halden, Norway. From 2006 through 2009, under the alias Final, he represented his country at the DMC World DJ Championship. He branched into production and remix work; among his most notable early output is Wildchild (of the Lootpack)’s “Stuck in Norway,” and Final remixes of tracks by Classixx and Jaga Jazzist. He gained much more notice in 2012 and 2013, when he made remixes and edits of tracks by the likes of Lana Del Rey, Jeremih, 2 Chainz, and Miguel. He also released his own productions, including the Mirror Maru EP (released on Pelican Fly) and hooked up with Glasgow’s LuckyMe label, the outlet for his 2013 EP Wedding Bells.

  • Chet Faker

    Chet Faker

    Shrouded in secrecy, hidden behind an alias and disguised by a beard, Chet Faker is an artist that enjoys the mystery.

    Hailing from the tight-knit deep disco scene in Melbourne, Australia and taking elements from an acoustic past, Chet Faker has carved out his own style that fuses personal stories of love and loss with an electronica soul, which reaches far beyond his homeland.

    Chet quickly came to everyone’s attention when his cover of ‘No Diggity’ hit number 1 on the worldwide indie music aggregator, Hype Machine.

    Now Chet Faker is poised on the next phase of his development, his full length album, “Built on Glass” was released April of 2014.



    Hercules & Love Affair is a musical project from New York formed in 2007 by DJ Andy Butler. With a little help from his vocalist friends Antony (of Antony and the Johnsons), Kim Ann Foxman, and Nomi, Andy is reviving the spirit of real disco and the house sounds it spawned with enough passion and finesse to ignite both the underground and the pop world all over again.

    In its name, sound and romantic, heroic spirit, Hercules & Love Affair is the result of Andy’s dedication to the Classics: both the myths and legends of Ancient Greece and Rome that captured his imagination as a child, and the timeless club tracks that soundtracked the euphoria and delirium of his adolescence and adult life.

  • Kaytranada


    Born in Haiti and raised in the city of Montreal, Canadian artist Kaytranada has experienced an explosive rise in the past couple of years with his irresistible production and live sets, but the hard work and success did not happen over night. Before touring the globe and amassing millions of hits online with his series of beloved tracks and mixes, the young man came up as a true disciple, absorbing hip hop and R&B culture since his childhood and finding ways to make the music his own.



    Canadian multi-instrumentalist and multimedia artist Mac DeMarco’s most impressive trait is his undeniable and instinctual ability to compose magical pop jangles, which he refers to as “jizz jazz.” His dusted jams have garnished him accolades that are as ever-increasing as his song-writing abilities. “As I’m getting older, chip up on my shoulder…” is the opening line from Mac DeMarco’s second full-length LP Salad Days, the follow up to 2012′s lauded Mac DeMarco 2. Amongst that familiar croon and lilting guitar, that initial line from the title track sets the tone for an LP of a maturing singer/songwriter/producer.

  • TIGA


    Based in Montreal, Tiga is a DJ/producer who has effectively worked the underground and the mainstream with his wry brand of campy electro and stark techno. Born in Montreal, Canada, Tiga’s first exposure to his future came from touring the Goa area of India with his DJ father throughout the ’80s. Tiga began spinning in Montreal’s cooler clubs in the early ’90s, bringing the acid house sound to Canada. Seeing as how there weren’t any events like the Goa parties he had attended, the DJ made his own and later was credited with throwing Canada’s first proper rave

  • Bob Moses

    Bob Moses

    “Howie and Vallance are worthy of attention for how they fuse house with genuine singing and songwriting talent, as well as a live aesthetic that comes through clear and cohesively” – Ibiza Voice

    “Hankering for some moody, post-club music that doesn’t totally expunge the fire within? Bob Moses might just be your men.” – Resident Advisor

    “Vancouver deep house duo Bob Moses are giving us all a glimpse into the future” – DJ Mag Canada

    Canadian grown (legally), New York formed duo Jimmy Vallance and Tom Howie are one of the latest acts to release on the boutique label Scissor and Thread. Although only cordially discussing music and life in the same high school art class in Vancouver BC, it wasn’t until several years later that they bumped into each other at a Lowe’s parking lot and teamed up to make the act now known as Bob Moses.

    Music that will make you want to build a highway through a low income neighbourhood.



    Kelela Mizanekristos is a Los Angeles-based vocalist and songwriter, born and raised outside of Washington DC.  Kelela’s debut mixtape, Cut 4 Me, is the culmination of a long journey, exploring the space between loss and freedom, and the process of letting go as a catalyst for growth. Situated in a universe where pop is necessarily challenging, Kelela’s songs are the result of her passion for the synergy between the vocalist, producer, and DJ. Since the release of CUT 4 ME Kelela began releasing a slew of standalone tracks featuring her collaborations with mc’s and producers in and out of her network of like minded artists. She is also hard at work on her debut album. Kelela has toured the United States + Europe extensively and will continue to expand her live universe with a handful of upcoming headline and festival dates.



    Jacques Greene is a young house producer from Montreal with a deep, deep taste for techno, R&B, ukf and Chicago house. His first 12 inch, Baby (I Don’t Know What You Want), was released in 2010 on Night Slugs. He has since released another 7 EPs, such as The Look, a 4 track 12 inch  on LuckyMe.

  • Thundercat


    Thundercat is a monster on bass. A virtuoso. A phenom. His stupendously nimble playing is akin to a jazz player’s, and that influence is felt on his debut album, The Golden Age of Apocalypse, co-produced by Flying Lotus and out now on Brainfeeder. But, like FlyLo’s brilliantly spaced-out 2010 LP Cosmogramma (which featured Thundercat on several tracks), Apocalypse updates the 1970s jazz fusion of Herbie Hancock and Roy Ayers with a modern sheen. The music resides somewhere between Stevie Wonder and Sun Ra, its open optimism made slippery by the undulating arrangements and Thundercat’s always-on-the-move fretwork and humbly soothing singing voice.



    Wave 1 is the first new transmission the world has received from producer Seth Haley since his gloriously futuristic debut album Galactic Melt. That album cataloged the genesis and evolution of Haley’s alter ego Com Truise — the world’s first synthetic/robotic astronaut, as Haley described him — and this EP continues the character’s journey into the outer reaches of the musical multiverse. In the process, it also builds on Haley’s signature production style, one that’s rooted in classic sci-fi sounds and analogue textures but nevertheless manages to sound utterly contemporary.
    Haley described Galactic Melt as a “sort of film score…from the mind,” and Wave 1 works the same way, evoking the latest stage in the intergalactic journey of Com Truise — and leaving you wondering what corner of the cosmos he’ll visit next.



    Austin Paul has transformed the very way Miami natives view neo-R&B that has fluctuated in growth these past few years. The sleek, minimalist nature of the genre has attracted a crowd of passionate music listeners looking for a ‘real-world’ escape. It was his first EP, Velvet, where Austin Paul won over tastemakers of all kinds, with the most prominent one being the ever-so fashionable Pharrell. Since then, Austin Paul has released the two last EP’s to complete his trilogy.

  • Rone


    Rone (otherwise known as Erwan Castex) is one of the most acclaimed French musicians on the electronic scene. He studied film at university and worked on a number of productions whilst pursuing music in his spare time. InFiné came across some of his tracks on the web (“Bora”) and got in touch with him. From then on, things went very fast: he released his debut EP (2008), performed his first live show at the Rex Club and released his first album, ‘Spanish Breakfast’, in 2009. With the release of ‘Tohu Bohu’ in the autumn of 2012, things reached a whole new high. Now living Paris after living 3 years in Berlin, the artist’s creative juices seem to be flowing like never before, combining a melodic straightforwardness with the firmly harnessed power of analog soundscapes.



    Given their unabashedly lo-fi aesthetic, their predilection for psychedelia, and their old-school pop sensibilities, Jacuzzi Boys sound like direct descendants of 1960s garage rock.  The band’s profile enjoyed a healthy boost following some favorable media coverage (the band’s 2009 split 7″ with Woven Bones was featured on Pitchfork) and an endorsement from none other than Iggy Pop, who dropped the band’s name in an interview with Urban Outfitters, and it wasn’t long before they found themselves on the roster of Sub Pop offshoot Hardly Art. Jacuzzi Boys’ sophomore album, Glazin’, was released in August of 2011. After spending a bunch of time touring and getting a song in the Seth Rogan movie50/50, the band headed to the Key Club Recording Co. to lay down their third album. The results were mastered by legendary sound wizard Kramer and released to the public as Jacuzzi Boys via Hardly Art in early autumn of 2013.



    Lazaro Casanova is a full time groove-making producer, DJ, & label owner. A Brooklyn art school drop-out,  Lazaro was always deeply immersed in music one way or the other. Sailing from Miami, FL he has anchored himself to innovate and push forward thinking music while heavily borrowing that rare good feeling from the classic house days. Proven time traveler, skilled astronaut, and professional Cuban, expect to hear an eclectic array of sounds spanning from anywhere and everywhere.



    Will Buck is Boston born and bred, instilling in him the smart city sense his performances and music now reflect. The pulse of this early background cemented his lifelong resect for, knowledge of, and appreciation for music in all senses. He’s been a DJ his entire life, spending time all over the world, from Europe to New York. As a founding member of Miami based label, Space Tapes, and The Deep NYC, his concentration has never wavered, and he continues his rise with his exceptional music production and vision.

  • JBZ


    Miami bred DJ and producer JBZ takes over rooms with his up tempo synthesis of deep house and tech house.

  • NURI


    Aside from being a prominent member of Pro Club, Nuri has certainly built himself quite a reputation as an established producer within the Miami music scene. Perhaps his most significant contributions was seen with the latest project from Broward’s own Robb Bank$, Tha City.



  • DZA


    If DZA were spinning at the Super Bowl, it would quickly become the best and biggest arena-size house party ever to exist. His sets are just that fun. It’s tempting to label his style throwback—especially owing to the fact that he’ll pepper his mixes of hip-hop and house with ’80s R&B jams—but he’ll throw anything into the mix, regardless of when it was released.

    His curatorial style is what has made Peachfuzz every Friday at The Garrett the most popular party in downtown Miami. He’s also behind DZA’s House, a monthly old-school house music party at Bardot. That said, the man is in demand, and can be caught spinning everywhere from South Beach to Hollywood.



    Born in Mexico City, Agai found himself naturally attracted to music, picking up the guitar at a young age. He later found himself attending the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston. There, he and roommate, Isaac, decided to make extra spending money DJing at local clubs under the name Pirate Stereo. After countless sleepless nights obsessing over the debut album by French electro-house duo, Justice, Pirate Stereo decided to delve into the world of production. By lucky happenstance, one of their first ever remixes was for their then-college classmates, Passion Pit, and their hit track, “Sleepyhead”. That remix garnered much underground buzz for the burgeoning producing duo, which eventually led an opening slot on Passion Pit’s Mexican tour in 2010.

    Fast forward to the present. Pirate Stereo is riding solo. Still producing on occasion but mostly focusing on his innovative DJ sets, Agai has his hands in many musical pots. From being one of Miami’s most sought-after influencer DJs to promoting the city’s best notorious deep-house party,Slap & Tickle, to, most recently, throwing a three day music festival in the rainforest of Mexico, Agai is, no doubt, a rebel with a cause. His main purpose is simple: spread the gospel of good music by any means necessary – through commercial radio or pirate stereo – because in this life, all good music will always prevail.

  • Bonnie Beats

    Bonnie Beats

    New York City born Bonnie Beats is a modern day renaissance woman (scientist, musical chameleon, and fashionista). The tech nerd tuned – tastemaker – turned – super talent; in just 3 short years is one of Miami’s rising stars.

    Raised on the sounds of the Caribbean soul, Latin Jazz, and Motown, this young and ambitious DJ/Producer is all about taking you to that “feel good place.” A craftsman whose ambivalent to the term “commercial,” draws her inspiration from the first sightings of House including French House, Deep House and Jack, straight to earlier dance influences such as old funk, and early dubs. All of course, tying into a night of dance reminiscent to the early underground sounds of New York disco-style clubs.



    The band Krisp has opened for acts Nancy Wang (LCD Soundsystem), Miami Horror, Junior Boys, Blood Orange, and Holy Ghost!, among others. In August of 2012, Krisp released their first official EP, Mamani Vice, which was featured and reviewed in music blogs including Earmilk, Hype Machine, Indie Shuffle, Night drive, and Beached Miami, to name a few. The band is currently working on a full length LP, Sonic Monarch.



    Miami natives Sam Plessett, Alex Borges and Fabio Galarce are the brainchildren behind Dude Skywalker; an avant-garde musical project delving into the cosmic side of dance floor & lounge music.



    Miguel Urina y Javier Velez met in Barranquilla, Colombia 2010. Together they formed a rock’n’roll band called “Roxanne”. Having played in several bars in town, in 2011 they moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina to study music with an emphasis in guitar, and musical production, Together they went on to play in Buenos Aires, Venezuela, Colombia and Los Angeles.

    In August 2013, they became a live-electronic music duo by the name “MNKYBSNSS” in which they mix rock, funk, and dance sounds with electronic beats, Their first single ” Daydream” was released on October 3rd, 2013. Releasing their first EP “Normal Operations EP” on August 21th, 2014 followed by there second EP “Sick Bends” that will be released on September 29th 2014.



    Telescope Thieves is a atmospheric, downtempo, electronic hip-hop project from Mario De Los Santos. He has released albums: Interstellar Alchemy, self-released in May 2012 and Elixir, released under New York label The Brio Life last December. There’s also a compilation album with some of his early experiments called Bloom, released by AvantRoots. Telescope Theives was recently signed to Space Tapes, a new Miami label launched on 4/20/2014. He will be releasing his next EP this upcoming June.



    Miami band Kodiak Fur is made up of four members: Chris, Albert, Zeus, and Steve. Kodiak Fur released an EP in 2013 with four vibing, sensual songs that may take you on a trip back to a place you feel you haven’t been to in a while.

  • Hunters Of The Alps

    Hunters Of The Alps

    Singer/songwriter Mario Giancarlo and multi-talented instrumentalist Jorge Velásquez combine their talents as the duo Hunters of the Alps.

    They began as an electro-tinged collaboration where Mario and Jorge could focus on different aspects of their musicality they had previously sidelined. The pair describes their music as moody, electro body moving dark rock pop.

    The duo are inclined to stretches of mood building synthsanchored by mid and up tempo beats. Well-versed in music production, the synergy between the two is evident in every output. Gifted with mining their combined depth of knowledge to produce catchy melodies, danceable grooves, and heartfelt lyrics, Hunters of the Alps continue to prove that Miami-based talent has its place in the global music market.

    Always eager to perform, the duo (sometimes with accompaniment) have opened up for various renowned acts such as Tanlines, Twin Shadow, and throughout their musical career with world known indie rock groups (The Killers, TheWalkmen, Franz Ferdinand, Peter Hook, The Stills and more).

    Hunters of the Alps is currently prepping songs for an EP release in the near future. The single for light away and time has been available for steaming on their soundcloud.



    BLUEJAY is the new underground sound of Miami – a mix of indie, tribal, folk, and pop.

    The live shows are an enchanting romp – a well-balanced mix of pop hooks and compelling tribal cries from the depths of the spirit, all tied together by three-part vocal harmonies and the low singing lull of the cello.

    BLUEJAY will woo you and draw you in to their paranormal world of goblins, sex, and horror, like entering a lucid dream.

    JAY THOMAS on guitar and vocals, OSCAR QUESADA on cello and vocals, and JOJO SUNSHINE on keys, vocals, and drums.

  • Basti


    If you have been to the Electric Pickle, you have probably seen a black-haired, super chill dude bobbing his head behind the booth. His name is Sebastián Silva, a.k.a Basti, and besides being a resident DJ at the Pickle, he is also an Argentinian Producer and one of the architects of the underground electronic music scene in Miami. His journey began in 2000, when he fell in love with beat matching after his roommate found a turntable with a small mixer in a closet in their apartment.

    In 2008, Basti became a member of the PLOT collective. He participated in the production of many cool events in Miami, including the Wolf + Lamb Experience— with acts like No Regular Play, Soul Clap, Tanner Ross, and Nicolas Jaar. He has also opened for kick-ass DJs/producers, such as the techno house master Seth Troxler.

    After 15 years of beats and palm trees, Basti is moving back to Argentina in December. Fortunately, he has been planning several surprises for us before he reunites with his motherland.


  • Patrick Walsh

    Patrick Walsh

    In 2008, Patrick started Nightdrive as a humble weekly event at The News Lounge in the upper east side of Miami and developed the name over the years to represent a new locally-grounded effort to push Miami’s club and music scene to new levels.  During that period, he also refined his skills and taste as a professional DJ, securing regular sets at some of Miami’s most popular clubs including The Electric Pickle, Bardot, and Grand Central. Known for his affinity for disco and deep house jams coupled with re-edits of pop classics, Patrick brings a unique mixture to the dance floor.



    Born and raised in Miami, Santiago Caballero was able to discover dance music at a young age. A musical passion turned to a life’s obsession while at studying in Boston, where he was a resident at various clubs around the city.

    Yet, only upon his return to Miami did the obsession find its true purpose. As one of the founders of Slap & Tickle, Caballero, along with Pirate Stereo and Troy Kurtz, helped turn a small underground party into Miami’s Best Weekly Party.

    Recently, Caballero has turned his attention to music production, with his remix of Dude Skywalker’s “Let The Sunshine,” releasing mid August on petFood Records. With an EP in the works, and various bootlegs ready to see the light of day, it’s likely you’ll be seeing and hearing much more from him in the coming months.

  • Millionyoung


    MillionYoung is a pseudonym for South Florida’s Mike Diaz. Mike’s music is a refreshing form of Chillwave, with a lot of bright synths, dreamy dripping nostalgia inducing backdrops and the occasional guitar. He released his first EP in 2009, entitled “Sunndream”. His second EP was released in early 2010, entitled “Be So True”.

  • Deaf Poets

    Deaf Poets

    The Miami Beach duo consists of Sean Wouters and Nicolas Espinosa. Their music has the starkness of garage rock combined with the eagerness of ’80s punk, and some bluesy melancholy mixed in for good measure.

  • UCHI


    In the beginning, there were sleepless school nights spent searching, discovering new music. These nights manifested in an opportunity to curate, to share her discoveries through a radio station, WVUM. Three years of hosting DEAD AIR allowed Uchi the time and space to explore her own aesthetic – dark voids, shimmering lights, and the sound of the space between them. As the illusion of boundaries faded, rules fell away and all that was left was this.



    Uprooted New Yorker – planted in Miami – hand growing his own brand of new music through unexpected and often antiquated forms of technology. Versed in his own style of documentation and promotions; Benton’s uncompromising approach to reality consistently fills the void with original creations, fearlessly abandoning the norm. Hatched from the eggs of exotica, science fiction, and animation – Benton’s Miami based productions include Lost Dog, No Brainer, Happy House, Friday Night H.I.T.S., & E©LECT®IC. Believed to be part canine, this Disco Dog finds himself on a endless quest to broadcast in search of others’ Lost Soul.

  • Laura (of Miami)

    Laura (of Miami)

    Miami raised and world traversed—-> Laura (of Miami)<——has put her heart where her home is. M I A M I. Breathing in the 80s + 90s piqued a curiosity for sound and soul that exhaled several DJ residencies spinning what everyone else wasn’t: italo disco, deep disco, latin oldies, exotica, and tropical House. Everything is danceable and you’ll find your most unimpressed patron in an uncontrollable bounce. By night an excavator and educator of rarities that suggest some serious digging. By day co-owner of Nightdrive (nightdrivemiami.com), Music Director,  Programming Director, and founder of HTTP://KLANGBOX.FM, plus host of “Vamos a La Playa”, road rager, Frost School of Music double masters grad, and coffee connoisseur to keep up with herself.

  • ILLA


    ILLA is one of the fresh new faces in the bubbling Miami electronic music scene. A seasoned producer, ILLA has worked with ASAP Rocky Lil Wayne Fat Joe Pusha T and French Montana just to name a few. He brings his futuristic sound this year to three points



    Miami’s own Niko Javan brings forth experimental rhythms, funky grooves, and a deep adoration for the elusive “New sound” that makes ears worth having. Whether it be an intimate night in, or an evening at one of the worlds largest electronic music festivals, Niko has something to set the tone



  • Jean jacket

    Jean jacket

    Jean Jacket, fronted by Harlowe G., has taken the notoriously difficult Miami music scene by storm. Initially a solo project, the group features a changing lineup of performers alongside the mastermind, including the talented Stephanie Taylor, Alex Lopez from Krisp, and fellow local act Million Young. Harlowe wrote, composed, and produced the first album over the course of one year in 2012; the laid-back, retro-futuristic sounds create a sonic canvas for an album that is a “marvelously twisted ode to lust, loss, and everything in-between.” Harlowe worked on the album at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles, alongside his longtime friend and producer, Josh Berg, before returning to the sunshine state to debut the self-titled work.

  • YNOT


    Hi, my name is DJ YNOT. I’ve been a staple behind turntables for over a decade. My ability and dedication to the art forum along with crowd pleasing selections have lead me to share the stage with everyone from Hip-Hop legends The Wu Tang Clan to Pop Icon Britney Spears. In a quest to push musical boundaries my “turntable wizardry” has earned me the honor to play alongside such DJ luminaries as A-trak, Peanut Butter Wolf, Kenny Dope, DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Questlove, Rich Medina, Kon, Cosmo Baker, Nu-Mark, Craze, Scratch and Dam Funk among others.

    Once upon a time I was a catalyst for the local Orlando scene by promoting and hosting events exposing musical aficionados to international talent and artistry. Held down a two year run at Club Firestone for the infamous Saturday Thursday party. Also honed my skills in the downtown Orlando institution known as the Illustrious Cleo’s Lounge where I spent 7 years holding it down on Wednesdays. In addition helped conceptualize the forward thinking dance party “Lazy Afternoon” dubbed after my well received mix-tape series. My turntable dexterity has also been solicited by corporate client’s such as Red Bull, Scion, MTV, thetruth.com, Ann Taylor, Van’s skate-park, Grand Bohemian Hotel, H&M and Scratch Events.

    Currently I’m residing in Miami FL. From day one I’ve been dedicated to raising the bar for party rocking and still look to prove myself as one of the hardest working djs in the game.

  • Lou Flores

    Lou Flores

    Venezuelan native Flores moves to Miami to pursue a degree in Audio Engineering, rapidly becoming a regional recognized DJ. After 10 years of gigs, Flores is now a resident in Treehouse and the infamous Club Space tech loft. Flores has also played in almost all the top Clubs in Miami.

  • Mr Brown

    Mr Brown

  • Gooddroid


    Hailing from Brooklyn, NY and currently residing in South Beach, Miami, Adrianna “Gooddroid” Moschides is no stranger to the behemoth that is Bass music. DJ’ing for over 12 years, her name has become synonymous with all things Bass, as she shared the decks with some of the best in the business; Scuba, Ben UFO, Joy O, Mary Anne Hobbs, and Boddika just to name a few.

    Gooddroid’s sound is far from simple, and almost instantly recognizable. Her mixes exemplify great range, often incorporating complexity, while always maintaining the groove. From incredible track selection to impeccable mixing, she never ceases to impress crowds worldwide.

    Staying true to her roots – the deeper side of bass – she has managed to convert even the biggest skeptics into fans. In a city that does not tend to gravitate towards “deeper”music, she managed to find a home for the Future Bass community in her bi-weekly party, ‘Down’, which brought some of the scene’s biggest headliners to Miami for the first time.


    It’s only fitting she is now the president and C.E.O of Loveless Records, providing worldwide releases tailored to forward-thinking Bass music. Approaching thirty artists signed, Gooddroid has managed to gather some of the most talented up
and coming artists, all under one roof. Loveless has been featured on XLR8R, DJ Mag, Mixmag and Earmilk, among others, and continues to build momentum. Gooddroid is also the host of “Bright Future”, a weekly radio show on Miami radio station Klangbox. FM. Every week showcases the best and the brightest in all things UK Bass, featuring guest DJ sets from top international artists.

    More recently Gooddroid has started a monthly Vogue night with her partner Bonnie Beats featuring the legendary MikeQ, giving the ballroom community a place to shine and win cash for their talents while also introducing the mostly underground scene to the general public.

    She holds several residencies in Miami, particularly at Bardot, a venue known for booking cutting edge artists, such as Cashmere Cat, Brenmar, Pearson Sound and the like. She is also a resident at The Vagabond and Mutant Beat Supper Club. She has toured nationally and internationally, playing in London and Tokyo. She will be touring again Summer 2014.





    The Deep is a DJ collective and party from NYC, consisting of Luka Son Of Wolf, Mr. JPatt, David Kiss, Will Buck, NSR, Free Radicals, and Salinger. They play House, Deep House, Tech House, and Soulful House.

  • My Deer

    My Deer

    My Deer was originated by former Sirens & Sealions songwriter, Johanna Viscaino, and guitar player, Yannick Calleiro. Calleiro had collaborated with Viscaino in previous projects that lent themselves to a more indie/folk genre, but had always shared a passion toward indie pop, disco and ambient music. In late 2013 Viscaino decided to take on the challenge of writing songs that were more reminiscent to the sounds of Broken Social Scene, Arcade Fire, Metric, Ladytron and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Once Calleiro got his hand on some of Johanna’s melodies, the duo knew the tunes should develop into something bigger.

    After recruiting the talents of drummer Alana Dym, bass player Chris Valente and Keyboard player Amanda Velazquez the band was complete. Now My Deer is ready to spread their sound throughout Miami and beyond.

  • Jeremy Ismael

    Jeremy Ismael

    Jeremy Ismael never stops moving, both figuratively, and physically, from his more adventurous chosen path through life, to the small space in between the decks. Puerto Rican born, and 100% Florida sunshine raised, Jeremy would never say that he doesn’t need an introduction in the local Miami scene, and as a brutally honest, humble human being, he’ll always introduce himself anyway.
    His levitation of sorts, into the world of music began early, with the sounds from his father’s jazz records. Those melodies and bass lines stayed with young Jeremy, and as a teen, directly influenced his gravitation towards the UK’s acid jazz , a fresh new genre at the time. Upon graduating high school, he enlisted in the army, and was stationed in Wurzburg, Germany; a long time host of the US 1st infantry division since World War II. The next few years would see the official birth, and development of the head banging monster we all know and love today. At every opportunity Uncle Sam gave, Jeremy made the four and a half hour train ride, to soak up the no-nonsense dance music culture in Berlin (that’s two essential mixes, and some change). Coincidentally enough, Jeremy’s arrival in the city was aligned with the establishment of the now legendary Watergate Nightclub (est. 2002), a two room, split level venue, that regularly hosts the best talent in the world (sound familiar?). His most notable, and or memorable experience was the debut of the then up and coming German duo, known as M.A.N.D.Y, the rest is history.

  • Thunderpony


  • Eagle Chief

    Eagle Chief

  • MR. JOLT

    MR. JOLT

    Mr. Jolt is the wizard behind Joltradio.org a radio station based in Miami Florida that brings producers and artists to your ears. He also produces with his brother under the moniker Marceau & Manx.

  • Tremends


  • The Hongs

    The Hongs

    The Hongs band members are a multinational fusion: Jamaican, French, Mexican, Jewish, Costa Rican, Scottish, Cuban & Argentinean. The Hongs blend elements of electro-pop with a dash of nuwave to create a sweet sugary pop-rock-disco. Spreading the dance / rock / house / electro hybrid one toe at a time.

  • Sean Drake

    Sean Drake

    From tape recordings to touring: NYC, London, Amsterdam, and Ibiza back to Miami. Specializing in all things House, Drake has been creating and partying to boisterous music since the tender age of 13.

    A staple in Miami, Drake can be found spinning at Bardot or working in conjunction with John Digweed and the Transitions weekly radio show. In 2013, Drake killed the opening set for Digweed at EDC Orlando.

    He is currently in his second collaboration with The New World Symphony’s Pulse Event where he and the symphony’s musicians collaborate and compose an ethereal experience intertwined with electronic music.



    He is one of Miami’s most versatile DJs, found behind the controls at festivals and fashion shows as well as the underground and the velvet ropes. A-TRAIN fell in love with the DJ culture while living in Tokyo, Japan as a teenager. He began collecting records before his return to the US and by age 16 was DJing nightclubs all throughout Florida. He then moved to Miami and quickly became a hot commodity in the local club circuit. A-TRAIN can now be found at Miami’s top night clubs, from South Beach to Wynwood & Downtown. When not in Miami, you can find him turning out dancefloors at the top clubs in the US, Caribbean, Europe and beyond. A-TRAIN prides himself on strategically mixing a mélange of genres while making bodies move ’til the lights come on.

  • Ketchy Shuby

    Ketchy Shuby

  • MaurE


    America’s glittering dance music capital, Miami is as revered for its nightlife as it is for producing some of the industry’s brightest stars. If you’ve ever partied with the city’s elite, you’ve probably heard of the name Maure. Born Mauricio Espinosa Tcherassi, the Columbia-native has been working the dance floors of clubs and lounges throughout the city. He currently holds a residency with the Opium Group at Mokai Lounge.

    Known for a unique and elegant style that incorporates elements of soul, funk, and hip-hop-tinged deep house, Maure nods to house legends like Carl Cox and Pete Tong as having contributed to his development as an artist.

    With only a few years of experience under his belt, Maure has already shared the stage with renowned artists such as Hernan Cattaneo, Robbie Rivera, Duke Dumont, Chus & Ceballos, Patrick M, Nick Warren, Gerard and more, proving a rare talent beyond his years.

    Maure also spearheads Red Rabbit Presents’ “Support Local DJs” campaign, which he created to serve as a platform for Miami’s aspiring artists and performers.

    “With so many producer / djs these days this has become an over-saturated market of artists always wanting to get on the spotlight. But what about the behind the scene guys? The djs that play for the people, the ones that are there from open to close. That’s what this campaing is about, support yourultocals.”

    If his whirlwind ascent to success and his nonstop delivery of superb performances is any indication, Maure is definitely at the top of the list for artists to watch. No matter what room, crowd, or circumstances, the Miami favorite continuously proves that his creativity and musical versatility know no bounds. Keep your eyes and ears open for what promises to be a thrill ride of a career for this Miami favorite.




    From his start as an accomplished b-boy to an internationally renowned music producer and genre-bending DJ, Frank Flux (born Franco Canepa) has met and exceeded expectations of his native Miami’s music scene. His coupling of infectious melodies and clean bass-heavy sounds influenced by Cashmere Cat, Timbaland, and Hudson Mohawke has lead to highly sought-after remixes and edits supported by industry trendsetters such as Lunice (LuckyMe), A-Trak (Fools Gold), Joe Marinetti (RinseFM) and Damaged Goods.
    The upcoming Frank Flux EP reflects everything from his current surroundings as well as his native Argentina, world travels, and collaborations. Based off of his recent remixes and edits featuring a who’s-who in modern music, he’s committed to leaving his unique imprint on everything he touches. A precisely-tuned kickdrum here, a triumphant trumpet sound there takes listeners through the spectrum of past, present and future bass coming together as one very focused, energizing soundscape.

  • Agent Rose

    Agent Rose

    Agent Rose is a Miami based DJ who is currently spins at Bardot on North Miami Avenue. Previous Residencies include Vagabond, Miami, Respectables, West Palm Beach, and The Underground Wonder Bar in Chicago, Illinois. A Typical DJ set is an infusion of hiphop, breaks, edgy dance and soul grooves to get you up on your feet and dancing! Agent Rose in the mix to get you stone cold groovin…

  • Keen One

    Keen One

  • JESP


    Joseph Espinoza aka Jesp is an American musician and electronic music producer based out of Miami, FL. Born and raised in the Magic City, Jesp is no stranger to the depths of musical harmony and sound design, as well as live performance.  Since emerging on the Miami club scene in 2009, Jesp has captured positive press reviews and radio play following packed performances in Wynwood’s art warehouses and South Beach’s glitzy nightclubs alike, with his progressive electro sound and untouched pop remixes.

  • Psychic Mirrors

    Psychic Mirrors



  • DJ Ideal

    DJ Ideal

    DJ Ideal, real name Angelo Dominguez, was born in Miami in the mid-eighties to two Cuban parents. Ideal got his feel for what songs get a party started by spinning at house parties at the age of 16. DJ Tony Tone became his mentor and introduced Ideal to Miami’s club scene. His nights at Miami’s Club 609 built a solid Miami fan base while mix tapes like The Best of G-Unit and his popular Da Bottom series introduced Ideal to the nation. This lead to hosting his weekly show on Miami’s WMIB 103.5 and ‘The 24 Hour Mix Tape’ on the SIRIUS satellite radio network. After a tour with Pitbull, he released countless number of official mix tapes for Hip-Hops big names — Ludacris, Lil Jon, Chamillionaire, and Joe Budden to name a few.

    This massive exposure lead to a residency for Miami’s notorious Opium Group which he has held down for the last 7 years sharing the bill with Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Jamie Foxx & the late DJ AM.This exposure has lead him to perform in private celebrations for Usher, LeBronn James and JayLZ. Most recently, Ideal found himself as the touring DJ for hip-hop’s hottest artist out now, Yelawolf. He passed on this role to fellow AE Collective mate DJ Artime, whom together they are working on a live rock project. Often categorized as a hip-hop DJ, Ideal goes well beyond such musical limitations; spinning electro to house to indie rock. No matter what the party and who’s in it, he’s known to rock the dance floor with no mercy.



  • Mikey Ramirez

    Mikey Ramirez

  • Telekinetic Walrus

    Telekinetic Walrus

    Telekinetic Walrus is a distinct fusion of Atlanta Hip-Hop, booty-bouncing Miami Bass, and futuristic shamanic funk. Formed in Miami in 2009, Telekinetic Walrus quickly formed a strong following with their widely appealing, but unique sound, enlightened lyrics, and mesmerizing live shows. Boasting a mean roster, Telekinetic Walrus is comprised of Y Diz, The Time-Zoo Keeper, Parker, Corinne Stevie, Komakozie, Buffalo, and Fawn 5000. After a brief hiatus to create their fourth musical installment, The Believers of The Flying Squirrel, Telekinetic Walrus is re-emerging onto the scene with an album release and a winter tour.

  • Sire ESQ

    Sire ESQ

    One of Miami’s most talented DJs, Sire is always on the move, from the nightclubs to exclusive events and live on the radio. Born in London, England, Sire grew up in a melting pot where hip-hop, dance music, rock and reggae played on the same block. Moving to South Florida and taking frequent trips to New York City, he began to build his record collection and develop his own style from influences surrounding him.

    Getting his start in the clubs, Sire began putting out his own mixes and placing in DJ competitions. At the same time, he was acquiring a business degree & freelancing for music publications. Sire has since continued to grow to become known for his energetic sets that keep any crowd moving while blending music across genres

    Sire has held residencies and played at venues including Florida Room, Opium Hard Rock, Ganesvoort Hotel, Bardot, Club Bed, The Forge and Wall at The W Hotel. Some of his clients include the Hard Rock Casino, Adidas and Morgans Hotel Group. Sire has played overseas in Holland, London & New York City and has a weekly show on Miami’s Wynwood Radio. The future is definitely bright for DJ Sire



    Miami native JPort is no stranger to revolutionary music. From the young age of 12 years old, he has been amazed by audio experimentation and intrigued by the unknown. His limits for music have no boundaries and range from ambient and garage, to minimal and hip hop, and everything in between. He is constantly adapting and expanding his musical taste, producing music that can only speak for itself.

  • DJ Kurr

    DJ Kurr

    With only 5 years on the decks Kurr has separated himself from the rest of the industry. Always staying on top of the game Kurr learned mixing, trick mixing, scratching, beat juggling, and mastered every aspect of DJing. Considered an “Open Format” DJ, Kurr has dominated every genre. Spinning events all over Florida, Kurr has plenty of experience. Recently moving to Tallahassee, Florida to study at Florida State University, Kurr has already established himself in the new location opening up for big names such as Thomas Gold, La Riots, Derek Walin and Drake.

    In just a couple short years Kurr has already gone so far. “Your on the road to victory,” stated DJ Khaled, after Kurr, the youngest competitor, won the 2010 99 Jamz “Who’s the Best DJ Battle”. At only 18 years old Kurr is just beginning his journey and is slowly becoming the next big thing.



PARKING for III Points 2014:

Parking for the festival will be located at MANA WYNWOOD located at the intersection of NW 2nd Ave and NW 22nd Lane. Please follow the III Points Festival parking signage.

Parking will be $10 per vehicle and a shuttle will be available to take you from Mana Wynwood to the III Points Campus at Soho Studios.

Arriving By Plane:

All major airlines fly to either Miami International Airport (6.8 m) or
Fort Lauderdale International Airport (24.1 m).

Arriving By Car:

From the North:
Merge onto I-95 S
Take exit 4 to merge onto I-195 E toward Miami Beach, Miami Int’l Airport
Exit left to merge onto I-195 E toward Miami Beach
Take exit 2A onto N Miami Ave
At the End of the road, turn right onto N Miami Ave
Turn right onto NW 22nd St
Turn left onto NW 1st Ave
The destination SOHO STUDIOS is the red warehouse on your right.
Keep your eyes open for the III Points triangle!

From the South:
Merge onto I-95 N and keep left
Take Exit 2B toward Arenas, MDC Wolfson Campus
Continue onto NW 3rd Ave toward AA Arena, Miami Arena
Continue onto NW 3rd Ave
Turn Right onto NW 20th St
Turn left onto NW 1st Ave
The destination SOHO STUDIOS is the red warehouse on your left.
Keep your eyes open for the III Points triangle!



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